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Top 5 ICO Launches of All Time

In cryptocurrency world, the largest levels of buzz often are kept for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). These crowdsourced fundraising sales are held to launch new coins, tokens, and services.

ICOs are a considerable risk for the ordinary investor, but they have also built an entirely new generation of freshly minted millionaires and billionaires. In fact, older VCs liken this ICO boom as the Millennial version of the 1990s Dot-Com Era. Whether this is a fad or not, it’s an interesting opportunity for speculators, investors and innovators alike.

However, like anything that has a fast start in life, a lot of ICOs fail. Very few ICOs get to see the tokens they launch experience sustainable success—and according to the Wall Street Journal, 18{31bbb78d9b2f7a4fa904ad5699f15927ac29d5243305c7756da9522beb854531} of ICOs have been pronounced as fraudulent. But the chance of fraud hasn’t deterred many investors from the ICO space.

 Investors and speculators alike continue to watch the ICO space meticulously in the quest for the next “life-changing” investment opportunity. It’s deemed a best practice for investors to examine ICOs to discover which ones are the nearest to the most successful ICOs launched so far. 

Here are the Top 5 ICO launches:

  1. NEO

NEO is an open-source blockchain protocol that was founded in China. It has been called by several names in its short history as an ICO. The most prevalent and recognizable name isn’t the official name, but its nickname: “China’s Ethereum.” It gained this nickname because of the smart contract application capabilities, and decentralized commerce to name a few reasons.

 The company had an enormous ICO due to the backing from the Chinese government, Microsoft Corporation and other major corporations that invested in it. It hit the market with the initial token price of just over 3 cents and reached an all-time high price of approximately $180.  NEO speculators who timed their positions just right stood to make a profit of not only a considerable sum of money but the beginning to generational wealth.

  1. Ethereum

 This is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market today. It has the second largest market cap. While Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is both a digital currency and the foundation for decentralized applications that make use of smart contracts.

Most ICOs that launch today utilize the Ethereum network to build and distribute their tokens. Back in 2014 Ether tokens initially sold for $0.31 each, and the token now is not worth approximately $600. If investors entered their position at 31 cents and exited, around $700 would’ve been more than 200,000{31bbb78d9b2f7a4fa904ad5699f15927ac29d5243305c7756da9522beb854531} return on investment.

  1. EOS


If you’ve read the news recently, EOS concluded its year-long token sale on June 2nd, 2018. It’s the largest initial coin offering (ICO) in history raising a little over $4 Billion.

The next step for EOS is the highly-anticipated release of the EOS software. The software will constitute a decentralized operating system for large-scale decentralized applications, and developers will begin to develop a token migration to new EOS wallets.

  1. NXT

 In 2013, one of the pioneer ICOs, NXT, launched. It was created by a developer recognized by the handle “BCNext.”  Not only was it one of the original ICOs, and also happens to be one of the most prosperous ICOs. NXT had a blockchain platform that primarily focused on the financial services industry demands.

The initial tokens were trading for just $0.0000168. The NXT development team made about $16,800 worth of bitcoin throughout the ICO launch. This initial capital raised was used toward the currency development for their platform. At its height, NXT tokens were as high as $2.15 each. This meteoric rise would’ve given initial investors a remarkable 1,477,000{31bbb78d9b2f7a4fa904ad5699f15927ac29d5243305c7756da9522beb854531} return on investment.

  1. Ark

The Ark network was created to be the most efficient network possible. The currency platform allowed for the seamless and speedy integration of other cryptocurrencies into its blockchain. Between the global focus and dedication to decentralization, Ark seemed to be destined for success. The initial token price was $0.04 during the ICO. At its height, one Ark token soared to nearly $11, which is a return on investment of more than 35,000{31bbb78d9b2f7a4fa904ad5699f15927ac29d5243305c7756da9522beb854531}.


Bringing it All Together

 The cryptocurrency boom has been notably unpredictable. The token prices rise and fall dramatically at the most trivial things. It is especially challenging to time the sale of tokens correctly.

For more insight into token values, be sure to conduct your own due diligence on each ICO before you invest any money in it. Since tokens are not supported or guaranteed by any government agency, make sure you only invest what you can afford to lose.

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